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"We Love Him"

"Dr. Tran has provided dental care for my spouse and me for about 15 years. We love him, and he has taken wonderful care of us. He has provided excellent preventive care and fixed urgent problems. He has a delightful personality and a gentle touch. His staff stands out among DC medical offices for their kindness and patience. His office is not especially convenient for me given my own work location, but I would not want to make a switch because he is superb." - TARA N.

"You Should Make Him Your Dentist"

"Charlie has been our family dentist for a long time. My husband lived on the east coast before he met me on the west coast and since we got engaged, we have gone to Charlie together for our dental needs. Thats right, where most people avoid the dentist, we actually came to DC from TX to see him. His staff is polite, helpful and accommodating. Charlie himself, is a sweet man, who is always ready to discuss the world with you while efficiently attending to your dental needs. He is the dentist that makes me want to take care of teeth better. He is still the dentist i go to DC for despite living in MD. Yup, I will brave public transport lol so needless to say, you should make him your dentist." - KAMNI G.

"I Get So Many Compliments On My Teeth"

"Dr. Tran is amazing, he and his staff go out of their way to accommodate and do an amazingly thorough job! I get so many compliments on my teeth, specifically how straight and bright they are.  All because of Dr. Tran!! I've referred many people to Dr. Tran, and will continue to do so! - S. G.

"Great Dentist"

"Went to Dr. Tran via a recommendation from a friend and she was right - he is a great dentist. Staff is very attentive and friendly." AJ C.

"Best Dentist Ever"

"Best dentist ever.  I have been terrified of the dentist my entire life but started going to Dr. Tran late 2012 because I wanted to start Invisalign.  I had to go thru multiple rounds of various work before I could start Invisalign and he was wonderful with everything.  I am now three months into the Invisalign treatment and couldn't be happier with the service I get in this office." - SHALU K.

"High Standards"

"What I admire most is that all parts of the office are very professional and working seamlessly, which reflects the high standards that are set there. The front office is super friendly, Mila has great communication skills and is very sweet. My bi-annual check-ups / cleaning are also done very well. I love Dr. Tran's gentle hand, high level of professionalism and doing what is best for the patient.  Whatever he has done was done and still "works" very well.  He is not pushy and not trying to sell any unnecessary services. What I appreciate most of all is the consideration and understanding the patient - be it a pillow under the neck or swiping vaseline to the overdried lips when you are unable to speak with all the tools in your mouth.   Coming to Dr. Tran's office is like coming to a friend's house.  I've referred many colleagues and heard no complaints so far." - LASKA G.

"Best Dentist I've Ever Had"

"Truly the best dentist I've ever had.  I've been seeing him for 10 years and have had relatively few dental issues  - probably because I've been seeing him twice a year for ten years!  His team  is great and he is very concerned with patient comfort during procedures.   Love that he is downtown around the corner from my office and works lunches and Saturdays!" - KHRISTIE A.

"No Pain, No Stress"

"I have never been to a dentist in my life where pain wasn't a significant element. As a result, I usually put it off until something goes wrong, and the cycle renews. Until today!! Until I met Dr. Tran. I actually left the office after 3 fillings with a smile on my face. No pain, no stress, just gentleness and understanding. His staff is welcoming and helpful. And Dr. Tran is just a delight. I think I've found my dentist for life!!" - EDRIE I.

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